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Snow Stars is a seven-step skill development guide that offers coaching education and evaluation resources and an assessment tool for alpine, ski cross and para-alpine skiers.  Originally created in 2001, the success of this program is built on its role as an accessible education and planning guide for coaches and families.  Snow Stars was originally created in partnership with the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) as the foundation of Alpine Canada Alpin's (ACA) national development system.

Snow Stars actively guides athletes, coaches and parents through a skill development progression aligned with Alpine Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan called AIM 2 Win. This comprehensive plan is specifically designed to support alpine ski racing in Canada and incorporates principles developed by leading sports scientists and coaches across Canada. Together, Snow Stars and Aim 2 Win integrate the acclaimed Canadian Sports for Life Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model to further strengthen grassroots programming.

In partnership with Alpine Canada Alpin, the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation trains and certifies Entry Level coaches according to the principles and guidelines presented in AIM 2 WIN and Snow Stars. Through formal training and accreditation, coaches are introduced to the holistic approach to skill development applied across Canada in club level programs. Ongoing opportunities to evaluate and shape their knowledge through on-line modules, on snow courses and formalized mentoring programs are available to coaches at all levels.

What programs are available for Special Olympic Athletes?

For more than 30 years, Special Olympics BC has improved the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and, in turn, the lives of everyone they’ve touched.
In 1968, Eunice Kennedy Shriver knew in her heart that giving people with disabilities the chance to participate in sport could transform their feelings about themselves—building confidence, restoring pride and opening a door to a more hopeful future.
Today, Special Olympics BC is proud to offer year-round programs in 18 sports that further the vision of Eunice Kennedy Shriver by increasing the health, self-esteem and skills of every athlete who steps up to the plate in Special Olympics programs.

Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club are proud to be a part of this program and we offer a organized program from September to April for the SOBC athletes. 

The athletes are training together with all other club athletes as one TEAM, where they'll build a bond of camraderie that will last a lifetime.
The main focus of the on-snow training is freeskiing, GS, SL gate training as well as intro to SkiCross. The Athletes are encouraged to partake in the local events that the club puts on, as well as traveling to Provincial events.
Our coaches are certified with Special Olympics BC and so are all of our volunteers.

Regardless of what SOBC program you choose, you need to download and fill out SOBC forms for REGISTRATION and MEDICAL and mail them to address below.

SSSC PROGRAMS: Please note that HBM season pass is not included in the registration fees.

Entry Shred Level SOBC AthletesSaturdays.16 day program.
Cost: $235 plus GST
This program run from January to March. 
We meet at the club cabin at 10 AM and ski until 3 PM. Included is a 3 day Spring Break Camp in March

Shred level SOBC Athletes: Saturdays. 24 day program.
Cost: $445 plus GST
This program offer dryland training from September to April. On snow training from November to March.
We meet at the club cabin at 10 AM and ski until 3 PM. Included is a 3 day Christmas Camp and a 3 day Spring Break Camp in March.

Mailing address:
Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club
PO Box 4400
Smithers. BC V0J2N0


This is a great option for athletes in Highschool programs that want to be able to partake in local club events and get a few more days of organized training.

You're required to be a member of the Smither Ski and Snowboard Club. The membership not only offers great training but also a great season pass price for Hudson Bay Mountain at $329.00. The membership will also give you a BC Alpine or BC Snowboard Association Liability Insurance, while at sanctioned training or events with the club/ or coach. 

The cost for the SSSC membership is $175.00

The membership fee does not include additional training with the club, other than already organized with a High School program. It does not include a HBM season pass.

Please contact your local Highschool sport coordinator for further info and payments.


SSSC uses the Snow Stars as the progression model for Learn to Race for our U14 and up athletes. The key focus will be to train to get from start to finish, as fast as possible, without falling and without supervision while operating excellent technical skills. Skiers will also develop specific fitness
for ski racing build the engine. The use of dual formats along with full slalom, GS and SG with the use of technical free ski and free ski will play a major role in the final development of the athletes overall skiing skills. Athletes will be exposed to complex and demanding competitive situations that require the skill to be executed at a very high level. Athletes will be encouraged to provide more internal feedback so as to create critical reflection.



SEASON 2107/2018 RACES:





SSSC Snowboard Programs follow the Canada Snowboard Rider's Program. Riders will be trained in multi-disciplines, learning fundamental snowboard skills of both speed and style events.



SATURDAY TRAINING: Snowboard Cross (SBX) and Alpine events

9:00AM - 4:00PM

COACH: Warren Pali



9:00AM - 4:00PM

COACH: Levi Phillips


Welcome to U12

Head Coach: Clay Collingwood
CELL 250-847-1065

The U12 program will be using Snow Stars as the Development model for progression. See the Snow Stars link under Programs.
The key focus will be to consolidate and refine basic skiing skills and to learn to train/race. We will also introduce general fitness both on-snow and off-snow (dryland training).
SKi race specific training will include dual formats (side by side training/racing) in both slalom and giant slalom.
Free skiing in all conditions and on all types of terrain will play a major role in the overall program.


Saturdays and Sundays 9:00AM to 4:00PM

SEASON 2017/2018 RACES


Welcome to the 2017-2018 U10 Ski & Snowboard Season

As we get ready to hit the slopes for the 2017-2018 ski and ride season, we would like to welcome all the families of S.S.S.C. athletes to another exciting year of team building, skill development, safety awareness and instilling a lifelong love of being out in the mountains.
The Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club (S.S.S.C.) is a family organization that encourages family participation, athlete development, personal growth and team spirit. We sincerely hope and appreciate that the whole family will be involved to support the S.S.S.C. athletes to reach their own personal goals and team goals.

U10s will train on Saturdays from 10:00AM to 1:00PM

U10 Coaches

We have a solid group of experienced ski and snowboard coaches committed, who are CSCF and CSF trained and certified. Each coach is also dedicated to providing a positive and supportive environment to get our athletes motivated, build strong self-esteem and develop great skiers and snowboarders.

S.S.S.C. Code of Conduct for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Listen:  Carefully to those who are talking to you.
Respect:  Others (coaches, teammates, officials, opponents, parents) and the environment.
Work:   Give your best effort at all times, as an individual and as a team member. Work together as a team and family to build strong athletes, team and club.

On Snow Preparedness and On Snow Training Session Guidelines

It is a shared responsibility between athletes and parents, that the athlete is both prepared and present for on snow training sessions.

· Please make sure your athlete has proper equipment and clothing (face warmer, hand warmers, proper mitts/gloves, extra layers, helmet**, goggles, etc.)
· Please refer to our website for helmet requirements.
· Be respectful – Be on time! If you are going to miss a training session or be late please let your coach know directly.
· Provide your athlete with a nutritious snack packed in their jacket pocket.
· Pick up your athlete promptly at 1:00 pm from the Club Cabin – NOT at the HBM Lodge AND tell the coach when you are taking your child.
· Check the website for updates, schedule, events and weather closures.

U10 Season: The U10 program will be a 13 session season, held every Saturday from 10am (sharp) - 1pm.

The first day (date TBA) will be for athlete evaluation, parent & coach introduction, forming training groups, personal and group goal setting, introduction SSSC coordinators and Head Coach

Parent Supporter and Volunteer Opportunities

The success of your athlete and the S.S.S.C. is dependent on your support and involvement. Cheer on all team members, participate in club events and parent activities, come out and have fun!
We ask that you check the S.S.S.C. website under “Parent Info” for volunteer positions and requirements.    We greatly appreciate your time and your athletes greatly appreciate it too.

Hoping your kids are as excited as we are for a phenomenal season.
See you on the slopes!

ALPINE SKI U10 COORDINATOR: Sara D’Andrea:  250-847-3960 or