Smithers Ski Club

Volunteer Requirements


The Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club would like to express their gratitude to the volunteers who dedicate their time throughout the season. The amount of work and commitment required to keep the club going could not be accomplished without all the support, enthusiasm and countless hours they put in.
The Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteer work and fundraising to help support the club.  Our GOAL is to offer a great program, to very low cost. With fundraising and volunteer work we can make it work. 

We make it mandatory for all families to write a cheque for $200 post-dated for season-end or April 15, 2015.  We will cash your cheque if volunteer hours are not completed by this time. All funds will go towards the new club cabin. Please either mail the cheque to us or drop off at Valhalla Sport store on Main St in Smithers attn SSSC

NEW for this year is our web-based volunteer program, called VolunteerSpot. It's a great program that will allow you to sign up in a few simple steps to all our events, and it will help us to manage our volunteers. All you need to do is to sign up with your email address when you receive a link from the club. If you want to have a peek at the program in it self go to this link. You do not need to register with VolunteerSpot, but we need you to Sign Up when you see the email with a link for that particular event.

The major expenses the Ski and Snowboard Club incur are:

Coaching: 40-50%
Insurance for our athletes and the club: 15-20%
Equipment: 15-20%
Miscellaneous other expenses (such as advertising, stationary, van maintenance and insurance, medals): 15‐20%

The Club's largest fundraisers are the Schuss Boomer, Ski Swap, Provincial and Federal grants.

On top of fund-raising, we also need volunteers helping our program run smoothly throughout the season.  Available jobs include, but are not limited to, helping out at club races, volunteer lunches for the race days, washing U10/Little Riders bibs, providing assistance at work bee days at the club cabin and tail-gunning for our youngest groups. Please be proactive by asking for duties.

The volunteer requirements vary depending on the level of your athlete (shown below). The volunteer requirements are per family, not per child, so if you have three children enrolled you are not expected to triple your volunteer hours (though we won’t say no if you offer!). You will be asked to complete the volunteer requirements of your child in the highest level.

Little Riders, U10 = 15 volunteer hours per season

U12, U14, U16, U18 = 25 volunteer hours per season

Volunteer Coordinator - Open!
Manage VolunteerSpot together with Program Director. 
Update and keep project list active with contact numbers, names and email addresses.

Membership - One (of two) position available! Thank you Amber.
A two person position. Attend the Ski/Snowboard Swap/Registration in November. Data entry, registration on to BC Alpine and BC Snowboard websites, update and make sure SSSC is a payed member of BC Alpine and BC Snowboard Assoc. Update and distrubute club list to executive and volunteer coordinator.

Fundraising Coordinator- Filled! Thank you Danielle.
Coordinate our fundraising projects, Grant writers and making sure Grants are fullfilled and time lines are met. Update SSSC Program Director with ongoing, completed and future projects. 
Update and keep project Grant list active with contact numbers, names and email addresses.

Media/ Photo Coordinator - Open!
Place ad’s in the newspapers and radio. Create a media file with photos and club history. Work together with Program Director for results and content.

Van Advertising Coordinator [*Important Club Fundraiser] - Filled! Thank you Danielle.
Contact previous and new businesses to advertise on the club van. Work together with the Media Coordinator regarding ad's on website
September to November. 
Update and keep business list active with contact numbers, names and email addresses.

Ski & Snowboard Swap Coordinator - Filled! Thank you Kristina.
Organize, plan and staff our swap. Beginning to mid November annually

Schuss Boomer DH Coordinator - Filled! Thank You Lara.
This is our largest fundraiser of the year. On & off-snow positions available. Please contact Lara Collingwood

Club Events. Ski and Snowboard - Always open! 
Please sign up with VolunteerSpot when you receive an email from the club.