Smithers Ski Club

Club Van Information

Fortunately, Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club can offer transport to and from HBM. Un-fortunately, it must be paid for.

The service start November 30, 2013 and run until April 14, 2014, or earlier depending on opening dates for Hudson Bay Mountain.
We do offer a couple of options for HBM trips and below you will also find information regarding out of town cost and travel.
Passes can be bought at the van prior to departure, or on our registration form online.
SSC expects that athletes keep the van clean and take care of their garbage.


Passes can be bought at any time during the season prior to departure from Safeway, or online.

10 Van Ride Pass: $77.00  Return trips to and from HBM.

Van Season Pass: $220.00  Unlimited trips to and from HBM until program season end.

Please note: All payments at the van are by cheques only made out to Smithers Ski Club/Van Pass. See mailing address below.

HBM Trips:

The van depart from Safeway P-lot at 08:30 AM on every program related weekend. Arrival back to Safeway is around 4:15-4:30 PM.
It is your responsibility to pick up your child at Safeway on set times, so please respect the times.
A first come, first serve policy is in effect, as we have limited seatcapacity.

SSC also offer Thursdays "after school training" for High School athletes(15 years and older) Athletes will be picked up at the SSS at set times. Arrival back to Safway P-lot around 4:15-4:30 PM. This program start January 9, 2014.

During SSC club events and SSC camps, departure and arrival times might change. This will be communicated at that time.

Out of town trips:

SSC will charge 8 cents per km on all out of town trips. Payments are due, together with additional event cost, prior to departure.
Payment are by Cheques only, made out to Smithers Ski Club/"Event Name" and address below.
A first come-first serve policy is in effect as we have limited seatcapacity. Priority will be given to the older athletes (14 and older)

Travels beyond Prince George we will rent mini-van/s, depending on the number of travelers. All cost are carried by the athletes. Departure and arrival are from Safeway P-lot regardless of trip. Departure and arrival times back to Smithers are tba.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 4400 Smithers BC V0J 2N0