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Shred Level Programs

Founded by Canadian Olympic ski champion and shredder Nancy Greene, the Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club U10 program is the "FUNdamental" stage for our youngest skiers.  With strong support from Hudson Bay Mountain through reduced pass rates, this entry level program is the ideal way to be introduced to a great sport.  

In this program, skiers will learn basic skiing techniques and skills, develop the ABCS (agility, balance, coordination, strength/speed) in as many different snow conditions and on as much varied terrain as possible.  The program philosophy is to encourage participation, interaction, and the development of skiing skills in an environment that promotes fun, safety and teamwork. 
Confidence, self-discipline, and pride grow through the camaraderie, friendly competitions and the family environment in the club.
As the athletes grow older we'll add to their skill package, to ensure that they will have a solid ski fundation when they head out on the mountain.

Included in all our club memberships is also the BC Alpine Ski Associations Liability Insurance, that will cover the athletes during all scheduled training and events, including dryland.

Learn To Shred Level:

U10 (Ages 5-9)*
January 3 to March 14, 2015. Registration deadline for PREVIOUS MEMBERS is November 15, 2014. Deadline for NEW MEMBERS is December 30, 2014
Saturday 10:00- 1:00 PM. Meet at our club cabin at 9:45 am
The season begins with a 
2-day "get-to-know-everybody" on Jan 3-4 2015. We also offer a Meet n' Greet on December 27 between 10 AM and 12 Noon for NEW members to chat with the coaches, meet other parents and let the kids ski and ride. 

Cost: U10 (5-9 year olds): $220.00 
Program fees do NOT include seasonpass for HBM

*Depending on skill levels 9 year olds might be sking with the U12 group.

U12 (Ages 10-11)*
November 29, 2014 to April 11, 2015. 
Registration deadline for PREVIOUS MEMBERS is September 15, 2014. deadline for NEW MEMBERS is November 20, 2014
Saturday and Sunday 9:30- 3:00. Meet at our club cabin at 9:15 am
The season begins with a two day "get-to-know-everybody" camp Nov 29-30, 2014
Fall dry land sessions for age 11 and up begin on September  11, 2014 until March 25, 2015

Cost: U12 $325.00
Please NOTE that Program Fees do NOT include seasonpass for HBM.

*Depending on skill levels 10 year olds might be sking with the U10 group.

The Shred Level.

The U14 to U18 train together as one TEAM. 
The U14 (12-13) program is a step up from the U10 and U12 program.  Athletes will increase their skill development with the focus on proper skiing technique in all aspects of skiing including SkiX and slopestyle. 
Athletes will take on more of a leadership role within the group and learn to take accountabiity for personal and TEAM equipment.

Sport specific fitness training (dryland) is recommended for the U14 athletes.  Dryland training begins in the early fall and continues to end of March.

The U16 and U18 programs are for avid skiers who aspire to become competent all-around skiers. Athletes are taught proper skiing techniques and various tactics are developed. Emphasis is on refining skills and creating strong, focused skiers in all types of terrain and courses.
Athletes will improve sport-specific fitness through pre-season and in-season dryland training. Knowledge is increased through the use of training tools such as video analysis, mental training, goal setting, and club interfacing (racers train with other teams).

U14-18 are encouraged to partake and compete in all diciplines including SkiX and Slopestyle; The club hosts a variety of local events every winter and the TEAM travels to North Zone (Terrace, Prince George, Quesnel) and Provincial races. In alternating years, the BC Winter Games subsidized event takes place for U14 athletes. Out of town FIS events will be co-ordinated with other clubs and coaches.

U14(Ages 12-13)  U16(Ages 14-15)  U18(Ages 16-17)
November 29, 2014 until April 11, 2015. Registration deadline for ALL MEMBERS is September 15, 2014.
Saturday and Sunday 9:30 - 3:30 pm. Meet at our club cabin at 9:00 am.
Season begins with a two day "get-to-know-everybody" camp November 29-30, 2014. Also included in the program fees are two Christmas Camps in December 2014, a Spring Camp in March 2015 and mid-week High-School training on Thursdays for U16 and older athletes. 

Dry-land sessions begin on September 11, 2014 and run until March 25, 2015

COST: Please NOTE that Program Fees do NOT include seasonpass for HBM.
U14: $384.00
U16: $485.00*
U18: $485.00*

*BC Alpine fees are increased as athletes are moving up in age categories.  This is reflected in our own club program costs.