Smithers Ski Club

Equipment Required


U6,8, 10 and 12 skiers & Snowboarders:

Helmet - Alpine ski racing specific, hard ears, (ears covered with soft material is not adequate!)
Goggles – Ensure the lenses are as free from scratches as possible.
Hand warmer packs & neck warmer – Have on hand for those frosty days
Long underwear – No jeans or regular pants under ski pants. Layer is the word!
Long ski socks – Socks should reach above ski/snowboard boot.
Food & Drink - Pocket snacks, lunch, water/drink, small change (hot chocolate) *Please send well-balanced lunches and healthy snacks.
Ski & snowboard boots– Boots should fit snugly around child’s leg so that snow does not get in the boot and so the child has adequate support. 
Poles – Hold poles upside down, underneath the basket. Look for a 90 degree angle in the arm. * Take into account your child will be taller standing in ski boots and on skis/bindings.
Bindings – Please check with a professional that bindings are in good condition and fit your child’s ski boots. Some bindings are only made to fit a very small boot, and will be unsafe for your child if his/her boots are too big. Make sure the stance (angle) on the snowboard is correct. 
Skis & Boards– U10 & U12 kids need only 1 pair of skis.  If you are unsure of ski/snowboard length, it is safer to go shorter than longer. If equipment is too long, children will have difficulty turning in the off-piste trails, powder, cruddy conditions or in obstacle courses and gate training.  

U14, U16 & U18 Athlet​es:

Full zip-off ski pants. Zip-off training shorts (optional)
Protection: Helmet, pole guards, shin guards, mouth guard or helmet chin guard, padded stealth top or padded speed suit, back protector(optional)* for Ski-X.

Speed suit(optional) for GS. SkiX does not allow a speed suit.
Skis: Novice U14 athletes should have 1 pair of multi-event skis to use for free-skiiing, powder, slalom, giant slalom and Ski-X. 
Competitive U14's, U16's & U18's it's recommended to have 1 pair of Powder/Free ski & 1 pair of SkiX/GS skis. 

Tuning Equipment: Athletes will learn the basics of ski  & board tuning and should have some of their own tuning equipment.  All athletes should have access to wax and a waxing iron.

*Shin, hand guards & padded stealths are not absolutely necessary for U14 athletes as many do not come close to the gates in slalom. However, they will lessen chance for injury as well as reduce chance for developing fear of the gates.