Smithers Ski Club


Big White Boarder-X. “Like Me” Snowboard Series

When: February 12, 2015

Where: Big White/Kelowna BC

BC Snowboard Federation and Big White Resort are the host of the Like Me Boarder-X event at Big White February 12-15, 2015. This event is only for riders. It will be an "Open" event which mean that all our athletes and parents could enter the event from the ages of 7-99. You'll find all the info on our Race Info sheet

There's a sign up sheet on the corkboard at the club cabin for YOU to sign your child up. 

Let's turn this into a great road trip with lots of fun for small and large!

Contact Warren Pali for further information.

Family Day SnowX! Skiers and Riders.

When: February 9, 2015

Where: SSSC SnowX course on Prairie. HBM

This is something that you have been waiting for; A Family event in the SnowX course! It'll be easier for all family members to go through this course and YOUR family can all start at the same time!

Families will take one timed run and then have to guess your second time. So, two runs down the course in total. Gentle banks and rollers with many fun components along the way.

The course is very safe for all skill levels and it will be FUN. A BBQ and Awards are in place in the finish corral after the event.

So get YOUR FAMILY TEAM together and come out and join us. Please sign up on the sheet in the club cabin cork board.

HBM will have the Prairie T-bar spinning for the Holiday

Snow Safety Awareness with BV-SAR and SSSC

When: February 7, 2015

Where: Club Cabin and surrounding areas

BV-SAR has offered to run two days of Snow Safety Awareness for our U12-18 athletes.This is something that you don't want to miss out on, lessons for life for sure.

We'll meet at the club cabin at 9 AM on Feb 7 dressed for skiing but with some extra layers in case you get sweaty?! Also bring a shovel and the lunch as usual.

Parents are more than welcome to attend and to help us with various stations.

See you,


Dryland This week!

When: February 2, 2015

Where: Monday, Wednesday at Muheim (520-700 PM). Wednesday Feb 11 at Saltos (550-730 PM)

It's been great turnout for the dryland so far, I hope to see this continue as it continue to be dark?

The indoor sessions are geared towards the 11 year old and older. 

So, from now until March 18, 2015 we'll offer dryland on every Monday and Wednesday from 530-7 PM. Unless the Muheim school is closed for Holidays etc. Please see our website for the weekly dryland whereabouts such as Saltos Gymnastics etc.

No flat sole skate shoes as they're VERY bad for your kids knees, hips etc. The floor at Muheim is hard so I encourage running shoes. Show up with CLEAN shoes.

Dress for dryland, not school or dinner i;e workout gear ready to be sweated in! Water bottle is a must.

Come on out and partake in a very important part in your life!

Quesnel TECK North Zone SL is a NO go for us!

When: January 31, 2015

Where: Troll Resort.


Due to the gruesome road conditions we have decided not to travel to Quesnel this weekend. SAFETY FIRST!

Lightning Creek SC has taken over the annual North Zone TECK event from Prince George SC. It's and event for all our U12 to U18 alpine athletes, 3 Slalom start in two days. If you're interested in partaking in this event all the information is right here. Please also speak to you respective coach regarding skill levels and prepairing for the event.

Troll Resort is a fun place to ski for the entire family, if you've never been there this might be the time?


Van transport to HBM is back on for Jan 31-Feb 1!

When: January 31, 2015

Where: Club Van.

As we decided not to travel to Quesnel we now will be going up the mountain as usual. If BillaBong can maintain the HBM road properly?

See you tomorrow morning.