Smithers Ski Club


SSSC/SALTOS sessions

When: December 3, 2014

Where: Saltos Gymnastic Club 545 PM.

For the second year SSSC and Saltos will offer our athletes another great sport experience, this year we'll concentrate on "Urban Free-running" or Parkour. Last season we worked on body control on the floor and in the air, gaining confidence in yourself and what you can do. And as we all know, it's endless what our kids can do if they put their mind to it.

PLEASE NOTE; As of October 17, 2014 BC Gymnastics increased the Liability and Insurance fees for everyone, from $24 to $28. Still a one time fee. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Saltos.

There will be two different programs: Make sure that you send your child to the right one, as we'll be working on different content. All paperwork MUST be done on YOUR first session prior entering the gym. Saltos will invoice you after the last session is completed. It's first come first serve, but please come on out and try this fun concept of athletic movements.

Starting October 15 and run on every second Wednesday until December 10 (5 sessions) Jason Krauskopf has reserved time for the younger club athletes ( U10, 6-10 year old) Saltos can accommodate 10-12 athletes per session. The cost is a one time $28.00 for the BC Gymnastics Insurance Liability and $10.00 per session. Invoices will be send out after completed program, by Saltos, to each individual. No late arrivals!

Starting October 8 and run on every second Wednesday until February 18 (10 sessions) Jan has booked time for the U12-18 (11 and older athletes) Again, Saltos can only accommodate 10-12 athletes at the time. The cost is a one time $28.00 for the BC Gymnastics Insurance Liability and $10.00 per session. Invoices will be send out after completed program, by Saltos, to each individual.  No late arrivals!

Regardless of which session you attend you need to be there at 545 PM. Classes are from 6-730 PM. Please be respectful and show up on set time. Please deck your child out in active wear, that means no jeans etc. Bring a water bottle!

Why do we offer this to our athletes? As many children are less likely to join new sports, we can help in broadening their spectrum of sports by offer coached sessions with a goal in mind. We also feel it's very important to learn new "tools" as your body grows.
Let's face it. We don't want our kids to have the same ailments we have when they grow up, right? It's all about having fun as you learn something new at the same time.


Dryland this week

When: December 1, 2014

Where: Muheim Elementary School Gymnasium. 520-700 PM U12-18

It's been great turnout for the dryland so far, I hope to see this continue as it gets darker?

Please make sure that you have registered your child with the club prior any club program, such as dryland.

These indoor sessions are geared towards the 11 year old and older. If you're interested in dryland for the younger (6-10) athletes, SSSC offer that as well. Please go to this info link

So, from now until March 18, 2015 we'll offer dryland on every Monday and Wednesday from 530-7 PM. Please see our website for the weekly dryland whereabouts such as Saltos Gymnastics etc.

No flat sole skate shoes as they're VERY bad for your kids knees, hips etc. The floor at Muheim is hard so I encourage running shoes. Show up with CLEAN shoes.

Dress for dryland, not school or dinner i;e workout gear ready to be sweated in! Water bottle is a must.

Come on out and partake in a very important part in your life!

Program start-up for U12-18 skiers and U12-16 Riders!

When: November 29, 2014

Where: Our local hill.

Wax up your preferred snow sliding device and get ready for a snowy start-up to our "older" athletes program!

We have made some changes to the U12 Snowboard program by having them start training with the U14-16 athletes, due to the low numbers in the older age group. 

Get ready, have a look at the website (where you are now) but also for new info regarding the Club Van departure and arrival in town.

The first weekend is a double day for U12-18 groups and a BBQ on Saturday PM. It's going to be fun!

I hope to see you all at the cabin on Saturday morning bright and early!