Smithers Ski Club


Dryland this week!

When: March 2, 2015

Where: Monday, Wednesday at Muheim (520-700 PM).

I start seeing a downward spiral in attendance for dryland, especially from the U14 and older athletes!? Why? Ask yourself. Pretty much same time as last year, where you're getting tired, Provincial exams, winter has it's grip and it's easy to say "I don't want to". I suggest that you take a deep breath and head to Muheim for the precious dryland that you most likely will not get another way?

The indoor sessions are geared towards the 11 year old and older. 

So, from now until March 18, 2015 we'll offer dryland on every Monday and Wednesday from 530-7 PM. Unless the Muheim school is closed for Holidays etc.

No flat sole skate shoes as they're VERY bad for your kids knees, hips etc. The floor at Muheim is hard so I encourage running shoes. Show up with CLEAN shoes.

Dress for dryland, not school or dinner i;e workout gear ready to be sweated in! Water bottle is a must.

Come on out and partake in a very important part in your life!

UPDATED INFO: Big White Boarder-X. “Like Me” Snowboard Series Finals

When: March 6, 2015

Where: Big White. BC

BC Snowboard Federation and Big White Resort are the host of the Like Me Boarder-X Final event at Big White March 6-8, 2015. This event is for riders only and they'll comnpete in Boarder-X (SBX) It is an "Open" event which mean that all our athletes and parents could enter the event from the ages of 7-99. You'll find all the info on OUR Race Info sheet

As the club van is already booked for take-off for Tabor Mt Western Ski-X Series Final on the same dates, this Big White trip will have a different format. Please contact Warren Pali, our head coach for the Snowboard porgram, for further info.

Due to the very positive feedback from previous trip to Big White, we have been approached by a number of parents asking to put together another trip.

So, let's turn this into another great road trip with lots of fun for small and large!



UPDATED INFO: BC Alpine Western Ski-X Series. March 6-8, 2015

When: March 6, 2015

Where: Tabor Mtn. B.C

Get ready to partake in the last part of the Western Ski-X series.

The event is held on Canada Winter Games Ski Cross track at Tabor, 15 min east of PG.

The event is open to all skiers U10, U12, U14, U16, U18+, men and women. I think that this will be a great course with 100% safety in place and a lot of fun.

I would love to see a large group of athletes going to this event!

Information and a SIGN UP SHEET is on the corkboard in the club cabin, under events. Sign up and fill in all necessary info please.

As always, we cannot send U10, U12 and U14 athletes without parents and or a chaperone.

Here is OUR event info sheet for cost, lodging, travel etc. Please print and hang on to it.

Hit this link for some additional info from the Race Organization

Schedule of event: 

Mar 6: Departure from ROI P-lot at 0630 AM sharp. Training on the course and a TC meeting.

Mar 7: Training and race 1

Mar 8: Training and race 2. Travel home


SSSC Club Photo 2015

When: March 7, 2015

Where: Club Cabin

It's time again to say cheese and look good for the camera. Please make and effort to show for this photo, as I think it's great to have many years of TEAM pictures on the walls in our club cabin.

We'll set up a schedule for all age groups and the coaches will make sure that respective group is present and on time. Rain or shine, doesn't matter.

Hope to see everyone up there.

NO club van on March 7-8, 2015

When: March 7, 2015

Where: Transport to the hill


As the club-van is heading to Tabor Mt for the Western Ski-X Finals, please find your ride for this coming weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience this might casue. Training and meeting times are the usual times for all age groups.


Parents Meet n’ Greet 2015

When: March 14, 2015

Where: Club Cabin

We would like to take March 14, after the Shamrock Cup event, to host a small Meet n' Greet for parents and coaches at the club cabin. It will start at 400 PM. If you want to bring some fingerfood for adults this is totally welcomed. 

The club will purchase the goodies, but I do need a few people to cut, present and set up the tables. You can sign up for this on our VolunteerSpot site. Have a look at the bottom.

We hope to see you there.


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SHAMROCK CUP!  Part 3. Snow-X

When: March 14, 2015

Where: SSSC Snow-X track. Prairie T

What is better than a fun Snow-X event on our home track?!

On March 14 SSSC will run the last installment of the SHAMROCK CUP, this time a Snow-X event. It's open to all club members, skiers and riders and ages from U10/Little Riders to U18. Rollers and banks, friends and small jumps. Sounds like fun? It is!

We also encourage parents to come on over to the track, have a look and maybe a go at it, after the real athletes have had their turn. So, get the kids up on the hill, call some parents and team up for some great times.

PLEASE sign up at the club cabin as soon as possible so that we can get an idea of numbers for BBQ etc.

The format for the event will be one individual timed run followed by a TBD format.

As all Shamrock Cups, we'll have a BBQ, Music and the awards in the Snow-X finish area.

I will leave with the club van from ROI P-lot at 8.00 AM on Sat March 14

As always, we need volunteers to make this event another great one. Please sign up on our VolunteerSpot site by clicking the link at the bottom where it says "Parents.."

If you have any further question regarding the event please contact Jan Wengelin


Registration/Bibs: 915-945 AM Club Cabin. $2.00 event fee, in cash please. $10 for non club members.

Inspection: 10-1015 AM. All athletes meet at the start to inspect with coaches.

Training: 1025-1100 Individual, double and multi heats. Get as many runs as you can in 30 min. No bib, no run.

Timed run: 1115-1215

BBQ Lunch: 11:30-12:30 Music, Sun? and good times at the Event Shack in the finish

Finals: 1:00-3:00

Awards: 3:15 PM Finish-area of SX


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Schussboomer DH 31st year!

When: March 21, 2015

Where: The streif of Twinkletoes, HBM.

Dust off the ol' long planks skiers and riders. What matters is the fun you'll have, and the great feeling of going a bit faster than you're used to.

For the 31st year in a row, the Schussboomer is a legendary ride down the South East side of Hudson Bay Mountain, well it's Twinkletoes run. Let's not get to carried away here.

Everything goes, as long as you have a lid on your cranium, and a mindset for FUN. Young, small, old and large are the many categories. And let me tell YOU, that we are not holding back this time. 

If you don't believe me, you need to come on up and partake. Please go to the official website of the Schussboomer and register yourself, or your TEAM.

You can find all the info on the Race Notice right here.

Hope to see you on this weekend full of fun!

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