Smithers Ski Club


Club AGM

When: May 30, 2015

Where: The Huxtables property. 2400 Telkwa high Road

After a long but succsessful season for the club, it's time again for the annual general meeting, this time on May 30, 2015 at Gary and Stehanie Huxtable property.

The AGM will commence at 1:30 PM with awards, etc after. Make sure to be there as you never know what you have won?! Also I think it's great to get together after the season, listen to some feedback and have a relaxing time with watersports, food and refreshments for all.

So, please show up after 1  PM with a dish of some kind(bag o' chips is not a dish), your choice of beverage for yourself, towel and swimgear. Please park up around the BV Electric office as it's limited space at the house.

We hope to see you there!