Smithers Ski Club


Dryland this week!

I start seeing a downward spiral in attendance for dryland, especially from the U14 and older athletes!? Why? Ask yourself. Pretty much same time as last year, where you're getting tired, Provincial exams, winter has it's grip and it's easy to say "I don't want to". I suggest that you take a deep breath and head to Muheim for the precious dryland that you most likely will not get another way?

The indoor sessions are geared towards the 11 year old and older. 

So, from now until March 18, 2015 we'll offer dryland on every Monday and Wednesday from 530-7 PM. Unless the Muheim school is closed for Holidays etc.

No flat sole skate shoes as they're VERY bad for your kids knees, hips etc. The floor at Muheim is hard so I encourage running shoes. Show up with CLEAN shoes.

Dress for dryland, not school or dinner i;e workout gear ready to be sweated in! Water bottle is a must.

Come on out and partake in a very important part in your life!

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