Smithers Ski Club

Event Resources

Here you might find some good information on what you're looking for, regarding events and what to do at an event. Please click the subtitle for further information on the subject.

Snowstars Program for U10 athletes, coaches and parents.

Snow Stars is a seven-step skill development guide that offers coaching education and evaluation resources and an assessment tool for alpine, ski cross and para-alpine skiers.

How to communicate and the use of radios

The use of radios at our events are crucial and you can learn right here how to use the radios. Please read more.

I would like to Gate Judge in a Ski or Boarder Cross event

Similar to the alpine events, but with some small differences. There are no differences between ski and boarder cross. Please read more.

What do I do when an athlete/s fall?

It might look chaotic at the time of the incident, but it’s very important that you remain calm and remember what to do in case of an Athlete down. Read more about it.

What is SkiCross(SX)?

SkiCross is one of the fastest growing winter sports, it’s exiting for athletes as well as for officials and spectators. Have a look at this video clip from FIS about SkiCross

What to do at an event?

You might be asking yourself if you are able and have the knowledge to help? Of course you are! Here are some thoughts on what to expect at an event.

Alpine Officials Level 1 manual

In this manual you’ll find good information on understanding an alpine event, the Race Organization Commitee, etc.

Alpine Canada “Aim To Win” document.

Alpine Canada outlined the “Aim To Win” document to guide the requirements for all alpine ski coaching programs in Canada. Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club follows this syllabus for all of its alpine programs from U10 to FIS. Hit the subtitle for more info.

I would like to gate judge in a alpine event

To prepare you for a gate judging position at an alpine it might be good to have a look at this document.