Smithers Ski Club

Event Resources

In order to carry out our events, we rely heavily on volunteer support. Here is some useful info to give you an understanding of what to do at an event. Please click the subtitle for further information on the subject.

Communicating using radios

The use of radios at our events are crucial. You can learn right here how to use the radios. Please read more.

I would like to Gate Judge in a Ski or Boarder Cross event

There are no differences between ski and boarder cross. The “cross” events are similar to the alpine (giant slalom and slalom) events, but with some small differences.  Please read more.

What do I do when an athlete falls?

It’s important to remain calm and remember what to do in case of an Athlete/Racer Down. Read more about it.

What to do at an event?

You might be asking yourself if you have the knowledge to help? Of course you do! Here are some thoughts on what to expect at an event.

Alpine Officials Level 1 manual

In this manual you’ll find good information on understanding an alpine event, the Race Organization Commitee, etc.

I would like to gate judge for an alpine event

Be prepared for your gate judge position at an alpine race (giant slalom or slalom).