Smithers Ski Club


Happy Crew at Tabor Mtn, March 22-23, 2014

With 11 parents with a keen drive to make things happen, SSSC took to the SX track at Tabor to pull off a great event on March 22-23.

It was an event that was not suppose to happen, but we thought otherwise and with athletes, parents and coaches help, we put on a show that set the bar high. Under sunny skies and -8C the track was groomed and ready to go for the heat comnpetiotion on Sunday morning. Only 45 athletes came to the hills, 15 of them from our club, but it was great to be on the Canada Winter Games track again. 

A huge thank you has to go out to the following people that made this event:

Pierre and Guy Lecourt
Amber Huntley
Brent and Carole Nassichuk
Jocelyn and Jason Krauskopf
Jeff Schulz
Randy and Kathy Fraser
Shauna Peterson
Sandra and Warren Pali

Last but not least, thanks to the athletes for working hard setting up and taking B/C-nets down. All for a good cause!


Shamrock Cup!  Episode 3. SnowX

It was hard work from the get go with high winds, snow and fog, but there is one thing we don't allow ourselves, giving up. 

As all athletes, parents and coaches helped out to make it work, we finally got our SX runs of. Thousand thanks to all of you that came out and helped pull this event off!

We had great tunes from Jason Krauskopf, our wicked BBQ and awards right at the bottom of the SX course, and I thought it was great to see all the families hanging out admiring the new Event Shack!

We had closer to 70 kids in the event and I think this is such a great opportunity for all of us to come out and have fun, learn and see the athletes having a blast.

Not only did we run the event, but we also had 10 parents and coaches attend a BC Alpine Level 1 SX officials course on Friday night and Saturday. It was a good way of smacking to ducks in one hit, and THANK you Michael Wells for running the course. The course was paid for by the Canada Winter Games Society 2015.
The course content was "how a SX event is run from the start to the finish", with all the communication and understanding of needs during challenging conditions. 

The more club members we can educate, the easier it will be to host events. Thanks to all of you for taking this course. We'll be hosting more of these courses in the next year.

We have more events coming up so make sure you stay tuned by checking our website!

Take care and see you on the slopes of the great Hudson Bay MT

Falling temperatures on HBM

Tax receipts for your child

BC Winter Games, Mission BC. Feb 20-23

7 alpine athletes are representing the Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club at the BC Winter Games this year. The elegible age is 12-13 years and in total it'll be 1200 athletes having fun and making new friends.

The Apine events are being held at Hemlock Valley resort and there's three disciplines, Slalom, GS and Ski Cross.

We wish them the best of luck and have fun!

Purden Mountain Alpine events

It's all about having fun doing what you love to do.

This time it was a couple of events at Purden Mtn, 75 km east of Prince George.

Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club (SSSC) was well represented by 13 athletes in the ages from 10 to 17. The format was a two run/two race GS on Saturday and one two run combined SL on Sunday.

The athletes had the great opportunity to see two things; BC Adaptive Team (mostly sit skiers) and the new Canada Winter Games slope! To both I have to say WOW!

I would be hard to argue against that this slope is one of the best GS and SL slopes in BC?! It would also be equally hard to say that the adaptive skiers show no fear. Great to see.

The SSSC U12 boys cleaned the podium on both days, though different names for each day. Great work boys! 9 medals in total! This is heavy stuff for a 10-11 year old.

The U14, 16 and 18 men and women brought home another 10 medals in total. Another fantastic effort from all of you!

I would lke to thank the parents for helping out during the event, and around the Hotel, but mostly I thank the athletes for behaving like athletes. Those two items makes events very fun to partake in!

Thanks and I hope to see you again at the next stop.


The rant from the Program Director

Regardless what you as a parent have to say, we coaches will deal with the SSSC athlete's lack of respect towards coaches, peers, HBM staff, equipment and club cabin.

We do give the athletes two verbal chances to improve their behaviour, usually a chat to make sure that we understand each other. Coaches will also at this time let the parent know about the situation.

If the above happens a third time, that athlete/s will usually not be welcome for much longer in the program. I will make the final decision if that particular athlete will remain in the program or not.
The athlete/s is more then welcome to be re-instated, but only after a written explanation to me, why he/she would like to join the club again.

The backbone of this club has to, and will be build on RESPECT, TRUST and FUN. If we can not control this, none of us will have fun.

ALL of us are involved in the athletes life at some point and to some degree, and in my opinion, it's a duty that all of us need to establish guidelines for the athletes. We as a club, will guide athletes in the athletic department, and all that comes with that.

You as a parent, have to guide your child in the manners department. We do this together and the athletes will have fun, but also learn some very important values for the future.

I think that is important!

A Fantastic weekend!

With over 100 athletes storming the SSSC club cabin we were in for a treat!Happy Club Family

With over 120 athletes signed up for this season we can say that it's been years since the club had those numbers!

The two opening days for the U10 and Little Riders Program went off without a hitch, thanks to the coordinators Heidi, Amber and Norma, all the parents but also all the volunteer coaches. Without your help, we cannot run this kind of organization and I admit, it was a great vibe to be around.

But hey, Most important I would like to thank all the kids for showing up and having a good time with friends and family, isn't that what this is all about?

So now all our programs are in full swing and all categories and groups are working hard giving the athletes the skills necessary to have fun on the mountain. Please don't be shy as a parent, come visit us on the slopes and ask questions. But watch out, your child might leve you in the snowdust pretty soon.

Again, I take my tuke off and bow to the people that made this weekend a great one. You have set the bar high for the upcoming season.

Thanks everyone!

A great end to the old year!

The snow is laying deep on the slopes and the riding and skiing has been unreal for the past week. We had a great turn-out for the first Christmas camp for the U14-18 and Ride 3 and spend most of the time on the steeper runs trying to perfect our balance, and confidence, in the deepest snow on the mountain.

Big snowy grins on our faces meant one thing, FUN! I think that we all realized how hard it is to laugh while covered in snow! And let me tell you, coaches fall harder than kids!

As always it's such great moment when coaches sees improvement in an athletes ability, big or small. So, with the first camp under our belt I'm looking forward to the second U14-18 and R3 Camp starting on January 3 to 5. We'll emphasize a bit more on technical skiing in courses and head in to the smaller features in the park. It's all about balance and body awareness.

Come on out and join us for some great sliding, and Happy New Year to you all!

NEW $340 HBM Season Pass price for SSSC club members

If you want to bring that price down with another $10 you can do so by bringing in clean, in good condition, used pair of snow-pants or jackets (sizes 7-14) to HBM downtown office. They will then take $10 off the already low Season pass price.
The clothing will go towards ski-school kids needing snow attire to safely enjoy the mountain. HBM kindly asking not to bring used ski racing gear.

Please make sure to register with the club prior heading to the HBM office for your season pass.

Convinced Of Your Chances

Over the past 27 years of coaching, it's still this priceless show of emotion that draws me to continue coaching Humanbeings, be it at the Olympic stage or club level.

In my opinion (I'm opinionated) we need to expose the kids (and ourselves as adults) to components and activities in life that will challenge, change, sometimes scare and sometimes deemed impossible by yourself to be able to grow within.
We need to keep pushing ourselves to remain healthy and to have fun for years to come. To accomplish a set out goal will give you a serene feeling of joyment, be it physical or psychological, big or small.
I have had the joyment of see both, and I can only recommend and suggest, how important it is these days for kids to engage in both. 

Our Club Program is designed to help in this process. Athletes are being exposed to various components depending on skills, and we as coaches see the challenge in their eyes as well as the satisfaction and joy.

The one important piece is that we BELIVE  AND ARE CONVINCED OF OUR CHANCES!

NEW on-line registration form is operational!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally done and up n' running. We hope it will simplify the registration progress.

Hit the orange "Register" button on the home page and it will get you to the on-line form. Please read and fill out the form carefully including the Waivers. You have the choice of paying by credit card, PayPal or cheque.

You can add a child by using the "add an athlete" option at the end.

You will also be able to prepay for the Van Pass, gather info about your volunteer committment and decide if you're the on or off snow person.

NOTE: If your child is partaking in the dryland program, you must become a member of the club immediately. The membership with SSC and BC Alpine or Canada Snowboard, will ensure that club coaches and athletes are properly covered during a sanctioned training with the TEAM or coach, such as dryland.

Please have a look at the new prices and programs for 2013-14 season, pick your program by scrolling down the "Parent Info" tab.

All Waivers, and payments by cheque, must be mailed to; Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club attn Membership. PO Box 4400. Smithers BC V0J 2N0 

If you have any questions please let me know.

How to stay updated on Dryland Venues

To keep our program fun and educating we have added gymnastic sessions and mtn biking to our sessions. Two great sports that will add to the athletes skill tool-box.

The Saltos gym sessions are 12 sessions spread out until January 2014 for 1 hr every second Wednesday, coached by Saltos coaches. You'll learn and perfect your flips, dips and corks by using mats, trampolines and foampits. The sessions start at 630 PM. Show the respect to coaches by showing up at 615 PM ready to go. 

Indoor dryland is in full swing at Muheim Elementary school from 515-630 PM and will be run on Mondays and every second Wednesday, same time and place for both days. 

As with all dryland equipment we don't allow school attire when working out. I also strongly recommend that you wear REAL running shoes made for running, rather than skate/flat sole shoes. Shinsplints can easily be avoided by wearing proper shoes.

When we bike, ALL of us MUST wear a bike helmet (It's a law you know) No exceptions on this one. No lid, no ride.

So, encourage you child to get out and join the forces, come prepared for any weather and have fun!