Smithers Ski Club


NEW and easy ways to volunteer with the club!

VolunteerSpot is web-based program that will allow us not only to manage all our volunteers and hours, but also for YOU in very easy steps SIGNING UP for an event of choice. Let's face it; Our club is only as strong as our numbers of volunteers. No volunteers, no fun! We all would like to see a healthy strong club, that our kids and you as parent can enjoy.

All you need to do is to wait for an email from me with a link to an event, such as the Club Cabin Clean up day in September. Hit the link and it will bring you to the VolunteerSpot page where you need to sign up with your email. No fees or enything.
Or, you can go to our website under Events and follow the instructions at the end where it says PARENTS!

You will be able to find all kinds of events thoughout the season, on and off the snow, you'll be able to switch days with other signed up members as well. Best of all is that the club can manage the hours you have put in and ensure that we have enough people for each position. 

Please spread the word reagrding this program, as we need as many parents as possible to be SIGNED UP with the VolunteerSpot program. 

Thanks everyone!


2014/15 HBM Season Pass price for SSSC club members is reduced to $329!

SSSC are very pleased with the continued support from Hudson Bay Mountain. Together we're striving to be the most affordable Ski and Snowboard Club in Westrern Canada, for the amount of training days offered.

Please make sure to register with the club prior heading to the HBM office for your season pass.

Tax receipts for your child

The rant from the Program Director

Regardless what you as a parent have to say, we coaches will deal with the SSSC athlete's lack of respect towards coaches, peers, HBM staff, equipment and club cabin.

We do give the athletes two verbal chances to improve their behaviour, usually a chat to make sure that we understand each other. Coaches will also at this time let the parent know about the situation.

If the above happens a third time, that athlete/s will usually not be welcome for much longer in the program. I will make the final decision if that particular athlete will remain in the program or not.
The athlete/s is more then welcome to be re-instated, but only after a written explanation to me, why he/she would like to join the club again.

The backbone of this club has to, and will be build on RESPECT, TRUST and FUN. If we can not control this, none of us will have fun.

ALL of us are involved in the athletes life at some point and to some degree, and in my opinion, it's a duty that all of us need to establish guidelines for the athletes. We as a club, will guide athletes in the athletic department, and all that comes with that.

You as a parent, have to guide your child in the manners department. We do this together and the athletes will have fun, but also learn some very important values for the future.

I think that is important!

Convinced Of Your Chances

Over the past 27 years of coaching, it's still this priceless show of emotion that draws me to continue coaching Humanbeings, be it at the Olympic stage or club level.

In my opinion (I'm opinionated) we need to expose the kids (and ourselves as adults) to components and activities in life that will challenge, change, sometimes scare and sometimes deemed impossible by yourself to be able to grow within.
We need to keep pushing ourselves to remain healthy and to have fun for years to come. To accomplish a set out goal will give you a serene feeling of joyment, be it physical or psychological, big or small.
I have had the joyment of see both, and I can only recommend and suggest, how important it is these days for kids to engage in both. 

Our Club Program is designed to help in this process. Athletes are being exposed to various components depending on skills, and we as coaches see the challenge in their eyes as well as the satisfaction and joy.

The one important piece is that we BELIVE  AND ARE CONVINCED OF OUR CHANCES!