Smithers Ski Club


Welcome to U14-18

The Head Coach for U14-18 will be Program Director Larry LeGear
Cell 705-733-1158

The U14 group will be using Snow Stars as the progression model for Learn to Race. Well the U16-18 will use Rising Star as the model for Train to Race.
The programs key focus will be to train from start to finish, as fast as possible, without falling and without supervision while operating excellent technical skills. Also to develop specific fitness
for ski racing build the engine and refine specific ski racing skills.Begin to display an all out race approach and the ability to produce speed with line and turn shape.
The use of dual formats along with full slalom, GS and SG with the use of Technical free ski and free ski will play a major role in the final development of the athletes overall skiing skills.
The athletes will be exposed to complex and demanding competitive situations that require the skill to be executed at a very high level. The athletes will be encouraged to provide more internal feedback so as to create critical reflexion.


Saturdays 9:15 At the Cabin 9:30 on the lift
Sundays 10:15 At the Cabin 10:30 on the lift


Saturdays 8:30 departure from theaters return 4:30
Sundays 9:30 departure from theaters return 4:30
10 rides for $80


Shamrock Cup                                        Jan 14 Dual  Local race
Tabor                                                        Jan 20-22 SX U14-U21 WSX
Lightning Creek Ski Club                      Feb 18-19 GS/SL U14-U18 North Zone
Lake Louise                                             Feb 24-26 SX U14-SR WSX
U16 Nationals Collingwood                 Feb 21-26   Collingwood
Shamrock Cup                                        March 15   Local Race
U14 Provincials Big White                    March 17-19 GS/SL/DS  Big White
Schuss Boomer                                      March 25 DH  Local Race
Big White                                                  Mar 31- Apr 2 SX U14-SR WSX
U14/U16 Westerns Big White               Apr 7-9 GS/SL/DS
Smithers Ski Club                                   Apr 7-9 GS/DS/SX U12-U18 North Zone Finals
Whistler Cup                                            Apr 13-16 

Please note that the event above aren't nessacrily the events our club will be attending. These are just to show what is available for this age group.