Smithers Ski Club

Snowstars Program for U10 athletes, coaches and parents

Originally created in 2001, the success of this program is built on its role as an accessible education and planning guide for coaches and families. Our club do follow the concept of this program and it's a valuable resource site for YOU as a coach. Great tips and a GUIDELINE on end goal for your age group. Click this link and it will take you to the SnowStars official website.

What is SkiCross (SX)?

Click this FIS SX trailer for a better understanding of the SX as an event.



Alpine Canada “Aim To Win” document

 Read more and view document Alpine Canada Alpin "Aim To Win"

Volunteer Requirements


The Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club(SSSC) would like to express their gratitude to our volunteers who dedicate their time throughout the season. The amount of work and commitment required to keep the club going could not be accomplished without all the support, enthusiasm and countless hours YOU put in. 

We make it mandatory for all families to submit a cheque for $200, post-dated for April 15th of that year.  We will cash the cheque if volunteer hours are not completed by April. All funds will go towards coaching and programming. Please either mail the cheque to us, drop off at the annual Gear Swap in November or bring it to the club cabin on program start-up, as you have to "check" your child in.

We use a web-based program called VolunteerSpot to manage hours and volunteers. It's a great program that will allow YOU to sign up in a few simple steps to all our events. 
You do not need to register with VolunteerSpot, but we need you to Sign UpAll you need to do is to sign up with your email address when you receive a link from the club, or you can do it right here and now. So please sign up so the we can track everyones hours.

SSSC is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteer work and fundraising to help support the club.  Our goal is to offer a great program, to a very low cost. With fundraising and volunteer work we can make it work.
The major expenses the Ski and Snowboard Club incur are:
Coaching: 40-50%
Insurance for our athletes and the club: 15-20%
Equipment: 15-20%
Miscellaneous other expenses (such as advertising, stationary, van maintenance and insurance, medals): 15‐20%

The volunteer requirements vary depending on the level of your athlete (shown below). The volunteer requirements are per family, not per child, so if you have three children enrolled you are not expected to triple your volunteer hours (though we won’t say no if you offer!). You will be asked to complete the volunteer requirements of your child in the highest level.

U6, U8 and U10 = 15 volunteer hours per season

U12, U14, U16, U18 = 25 volunteer hours per season

The Club's largest fundraisers are the Schuss Boomer DH, Ski Swap, Provincial and Federal grants.
On top of fund-raising, we also need volunteers helping our program run smoothly throughout the season.  Available jobs include, but are not limited to, helping out at club races, volunteer lunches for the race days, washing U8-10 bibs, providing assistance at work bee days at the club cabin and tail-gunning for our youngest groups. Please be proactive by asking for duties.

We will communicate with all members as opportunities come up for volunteering. 

Fundrasing Events, Club Races for Ski and Snowboard, Coaching, are all opportunities that we need help with. 

Please sign up or contact the club at

Club Van Information

Fortunately, Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club can offer safe transport to and from HBM. Un-fortunately, it must be paid for.

The service starts in November and runs until April, or earlier depending on opening dates for Hudson Bay Mountain.
We do offer a couple of options for HBM trips and below you will find all information. 

Passes can be bought at the van prior to departure, or on our registration form online. Sorry, no cash per ride. Please mail cheques to below address if your purchasing a pass at the van.
SSSC expects that athletes keep the van clean and take care of their garbage, so it might be the odd time where we clean the van on the inside.

As we only have 12 seats, rides are based upon first come first serve basis. If the van is full at departure time, parents need to car-pool to get athletes up to the hill. 

10 Van Ride Pass: $80.00  Return trips to and from HBM.
Van Season Pass: $225.00  Unlimited trips to and from HBM until program season end.


Please note: All payments at the van are by cheques only made out to Smithers Ski Club/Van Pass. 

HBM Trips:
The van depart from ROI Theatre P-lot at 08:30 AM (sharp) on every program related weekend. Arrival back to ROI Theatre P-lot is around 4:15-4:30 PM, depending on road conditions.
It is your responsibility to drop of and pick your child up at ROI Theatre P-lot on set times, so please respect the times. 
A first come, first serve policy is in effect, as we have limited seat capacity.

SSSC also offer Thursdays "after school training" for High School athletes(15 years and older) Athletes will be picked up at the SSS at set times. Arrival back to ROI Theatre P-lot around 4:15-4:30 PM. This program starts January 2017 and are for Highschool athletes ONLY.

During events hosted by SSSC and SSSC camps, departure and arrival times might change. This will be communicated

Out of town trips:
SSC will charge 8 cents per km on all out of town trips. Payments are due, together with additional event cost, prior to departure.
Payment are by Cheques only, made out to Smithers Ski Club/"Event Name" and address below.
A first come-first serve policy is in effect as we have limited seat capacity. Priority will be given to the older athletes (14 and older)
Departure and arrival are from ROI Theatre P-lot regardless of trip. 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 4400 Smithers BC V0J 2N0

Equipment Required




Skiers must wear an Alpine Ski racing Specific helmet with hard plastic covering the ears.

Snowboarders are required to wear a snow-ssport specific helmet. They are not required to have a helmet with hard plastic covering the ears.

GOGGLES: Ensure the lenses are as free from scratches as possible.
TO STAY WARM: Hand warmer packs & neck warmer: Have on hand for those frosty days/Base layer: merino wool or synthetic fitted top and bottom base layer next to the skin to manage moisture. Please no jeans under ski/sb pants! / Mid layer: fleece / Long socks – Socks should reach above ski/snowboard boot.
SNACKS: Pocket snacks, lunch, water/drink, small change (hot chocolate) *Please send well-balanced lunches and healthy snacks.

SKI & SNOWBOARD BOOTS– Boots should fit snugly around child’s leg so that snow does not get in the boot and so the child has adequate support. 
POLES– Hold poles upside down, underneath the basket. Look for a 90 degree angle in the arm. * Take into account your child will be taller standing in ski boots and on skis/bindings.
BINDINGS – Please check with a professional that bindings are in good condition and fit your child’s ski boots. Some bindings are only made to fit a very small boot, and will be unsafe for your child if his/her boots are too big. Make sure the stance (angle) on the snowboard is correct. 
SKIS & SNOWBOARDS– U10 children need only 1 pair of skis and one snowboard.  If you are unsure of ski/snowboard length, it is safer to go shorter than longer. If equipment is too long, children will have difficulty turning in the off-piste trails, powder, cruddy conditions or in obstacle courses and gate training. Skiers recommendation is to purchase one pair of giant slalom skis. Go to Club night at Local Supply Co for info!

TUNING EQUIPMENT: Athletes will learn the basics of ski  & board tuning and should have some of their own tuning equipment.  All athletes should have access to wax and a waxing iron.


1 pair slalom skis and 1 pair of giant slalom if possible.

or 1 pair of multi-event skis

*Optional protection gear: pole guards, shin guards, mouth guard or helmet chin guard, padded stealth top or padded speed suit, back protector(optional)* for Ski-X.(The club has some spares I think for loan)
*Optional speed/racing suit (again the club has a small selection for loan)

U14 - U18 SKIERS:

Full zip-off ski pants. Zip-off training shorts (optional)
Protection: pole/hand guards, shin guards, padded stealth top or padded speed suit

Speed /racing suit

Optional: mouth guard or helmet chin guard, back protector(optional)* for Ski-X.

1 pair each of slalom and giant slalom skis

U12 and older SNOWBOARDERS:

Recommended that each rider has two snowboards.

1: Stiff flexed cambered board for SBX, gates, and all-mountain riding

2: Soft flex rocker or flat based board for park riding






Skill Requirements


To be eligible for our U6 - 10 skier and snowboard programs, athletes must be able to ride the T-bar on their own, or together with another child, stand up on their equipment, control their speed on a green slope and be able to stop on command.

We recommend that you contact the HBM snowschool if your child need help to getting to this level of skiing & riding