Smithers Ski Club


Where it all began:

“They drove to the fork where the Duthie Mine Road is, parked at the gravel pit, put skins on their skis and trekked the two hours to reach the "prairie.” In those days, everyone had to hike in, and everything was brought up the slopes using manpower, including the gas for the tow-line motor, the doughnuts and hot chocolate ski club members sold in their cafeteria.

Even the Chrysler motor that powered the towline was hauled up. These were true-blue skiers. It took three men and a boy to start the motor.
About 25 people of all ages have gathered to ski, shelling out $1 for the day, riding the slow, 600-foot rope tow to the top and people skied all day.
This was in the early 1960s!”

Smithers Ski Club was the original founder of the Hudson Bay Mountain Ski Area, long before it was a resort, and it still maintains a small club cabin on the mountain for all members to meet (and drink hot chocolate) but also where it provides a head quarter for all the programs that makes it possible for the SSSC to run local, Northern Zone, Provincial and National events.

The Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club (SSSC) has been training athletes for over thirty years. Thanks to the tireless dedication of parents and coaches, the SSSC has produced many provincial and national team members such as Cormac Hickish, Simon Challen, Claire Challen, Scott Rowsell, Scott Marko, Lauren Stewart and lately Jason Oliemans and rider Elise Dube and young and upcoming rider Tosh Krauskopf.
At its height, the club boasted thirty FIS alpine members, twelve of which were racing at the elite FIS level and burning up the province.