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As a professionally directed athletic program, the Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club strives to promote the sports of alpine skiing and snowboarding by enabling all if its members the opportunity to reach their full potential. The club is a non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia.

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Blog: Happy Crew at Tabor Mtn, March 22-23, 2014

Posted April 2, 2014

Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club makes it happen at Tabor SX.

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Blog: Shamrock Cup!  Episode 3. SnowX

Posted March 17, 2014

With the weather gods doing everything they could, trying to stop us from running the last Shamrock Cup, they failed!

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Blog: Falling temperatures on HBM

Posted March 1, 2014

At 700 AM this morning, temperatures showed -23C on Sandra’s website. Our U10/Little Riders limit is -20C. I’m sure that the temps will crawl up towards mid teens today during the day on the mountain.
In a situation like this, with cold morning and warmer daytime, we have to leave the decision up to the parent, some parents might like it, some won’t.
Please contact your respective coach and let her/him know about your decision.

U12-18 will train as normal today March 1 and 2

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Blog: Tax receipts for your child

Posted February 25, 2014

Please contact Rachelle Appleyard regarding the Child in Sports Tax receipts. Her email is

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Blog: BC Winter Games, Mission BC. Feb 20-23

Posted February 18, 2014

Athletes are getting pumped to take off to the BC Winter Games in Mission BC.

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Blog: Purden Mountain Alpine events

Posted January 28, 2014

With more precious medals than TECK can produce in a year, the athletes from SSSC did very well at Purden on January 25-26, 2014.

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Blog: The rant from the Program Director

Posted January 14, 2014

As coaches we take can take some flack once in awhile, but when we start seeing a decrease in kids behaviour we’ll step in.

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Blog: A Fantastic weekend!

Posted January 8, 2014

O’boy what a weekend it was. The ol’ club cabin was stretched to the limit on January 4 and 5, our opening date for all programs.

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Blog: A great end to the old year!

Posted December 31, 2013

With one of the worst beginnings in my memory, we’re now off to a much better continuation!

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Blog: NEW $340 HBM Season Pass price for SSSC club members

Posted November 12, 2013

Hudson Bay Mountain Resort is offering a $340 (excl taxes) price for a Season Pass for all Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club members up until December 31, 2013
The price applies to all children and youth athletes that are currently registered in the SSSC programs.
Please make sure to register with the club prior heading to the HBM office for your season pass.

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Blog: Convinced Of Your Chances

Posted October 24, 2013

To see an athlete raise their arms on the Olympic podium with tears in the eyes, to hear an athlete yell out loud when a goal is accomplished and a mental barrier broken to pieces, to see the smile on an athletes face, after sticking his or her first front-flip and to see an athlete pump the fist, after a wicked performance is PRICELESS!

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Blog: NEW on-line registration form is operational!

Posted October 8, 2013

Join the masses and register on-line! All to serve you better and more effective.

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Blog: How to stay updated on Dryland Venues

Posted September 19, 2013

Our dryland program is in full swing and numbers of kids showing up has been good.

The best and easiest way for you to keep track of our whereabouts is to check this website. I’ll continuously update the dryland sessions one week ahead.

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